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The Word

ALL TALK 'The most liberating thing I did early on was to free myself from any concern with my looks. For an actress, worrying about appearance is a horrible, horrible trap'. - Oscar-winner Meryl Streep

Madden Free To Pick Up The Pieces

The outgoing Deputy Police Commissioner, Dave Madden, will not be charged with any offence in relation to phone tap leaking allegations that in the past five months have taken his reputation, his job and his health.

Pic Finding No Shock

PIC finding no shock

Ask Not For Whom The Till Tolls In Costa-mart

So Constable Costa's troops are now free to undertake extracurricular employment in the shopping centres of NSW with a small hiring fee, of course. I was under the impression that NSW's finest were grossly understaffed, and consequent stress so widespread, that many detectives were virtually un